Health & Safety Policy

Employee safety is our most important priority. Our Occupational Health & Safety policy clearly articulates our commitment, beliefs, and responsibilities.

The direction set by management with a hands on approach demonstrates our sincerity in endeavoring to eliminate accidents and identifying any potential hazards.

We believe that legal standards are simply the minimum level to achieve; our strategy is to strive to meet or exceed the continual changes and advances in our industry.

Our Occupational Health, Safety, & Management Systems are well developed and implemented. We conduct in house training and are well supported by external training organizations when required. Staff training and management programs with the objective of establishing our leadership in the provision of integrated systems is paramount to the building of our company, continuing in the right direction, maintaining an outstanding level of health & safety records.

Our employees are all involved in accident prevention programs that include site process analysis and risk reduction.

Formal safety training and management guidelines are well under control of the company's full-time Occupational Health and Safety Manager/ Director, ensuring that we maintain our outstanding record of Lost Time Injury Free standards on all projects.

Environment Policy

Community concern for the impact of development on the environment has guided the design and implementation of our environmental management systems.

Our environment policy aims to ensure that we perform all operations in a manner that minimizes or eliminates risk and any affect on the environment.

All employees foster a sense of environmental responsibility among themselves.

Our company is continually promoting research and techniques that could facilitate ongoing improvements in our environmental performance to improve standards for the grouting industry as a whole.

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