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Grout It is dedicated to the grouting side of the exploration industry.  Focused on offering our clients reliability, flexibility, and innovation bound on a great reputation.

We are anchored by our commitment to training and procedures, which underpin our operations however we maintain the attitude that in order to offer the best product we must constantly look at ways to better or improve our safety systems when needed and are committed to quality in everything we do.

This includes investing a very proactive approach to Occupational Health and Safety.  We maintain an experienced workforce, strong values on the quality service we offer and a hands on approach in all projects.

Grout It have the ability to provide our services to all remote areas within Australia


Herald Cogzell
(Bachelor of Business Degree) (Cert 3 in drilling)

Herald began his experience in the mining field working as an offsider on the drill rigs and then quickly assumed a role as exploration driller.

He gained 4 years drilling experience leading to his appointment as Rig Supervisor for an exploration company on BMA, Anglo, Rio Tinto and Peabody mine sites.

Prior to entering the mining industry, Herald attended university and completed a Bachelor of Business Studies.  This practical experience coupled with his academic achievements in business led to him co-founding Grout It Pty Ltd.

Bryn Kirk
(BSB41407 Certificate IV in Occupational Workplace Health& Safety, TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Bryn began his industry career assisting on grouting units and was quickly promoted to running the grouting unit.  He then progressed to become a trainee driller.

His high standard of practice was well recognised within the field and Bryn quickly attained the role of Safety & Training Advisor for an exploration company on BMA, Anglo, Rio Tinto and Peabody mine sites.

 Bryn has spent the last 3 years improving the company Safety & Health Management Plan, while also maintaining an active involvement in the operational side of the company.


Grout It utilises two truck mounted grouting units, capable of grouting holes up to 400 metres depth through our onboard poly reel, and are also able to grout further depths through rod strings, along with dipping hole equipment mounted on our support vehicle.

This allows us to provide clients with a safe and professional service, working within strict time frames, cost and performance benefits.

Grout It is able to make necessary modifications to meet the requirements of specific projects at clients' request.

Plant Items:
- Grouting Truck
- Water Tank Trailer
- Light Vehicles
- Dipping Winches

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